Where Our Rhizomes Come From

Hop rhizomes are rootstock cuttings taken from mature hop plants in the Pacific Northwest, the country’s premier hop growing region. Whether you have a small garden or a several acre farm, your best hop crop all starts with high-quality rhizomes which is why we only sell top grade cuttings that have been hand sorted for quality.

When Do We Ship Hop Rhizomes

Rhizomes are available for purchase January – May of each year. Orders typically begin shipping in midMarch, as they become available. This schedule is designed to get our costumers the freshest cuttings, and minimize their time out of the ground.

2017-2018 rhizome season has closed till November. We are still able to accommodate some orders of 100+ of a some varieties. To place bulk order email - sales@buyhoprhizomes.com. Dismiss