Guide to baby hop plants

The baby hop plant(s) you have just received are straight from our greenhouse. We treat these with a neem oil prior to shipping, so if they look a bit oily that is why! They have been hardened outside for 7 days prior to shipping, but extra care is needed to continue that process. Please follow the growing instructions below:

  • Up-pot these into larger pots immediately. 
  • Put outside in the sun daily, but monitor the plants closely as they will not need full sun all day (especially in very hot conditions). Increase sun exposure over time.
  • Light watering daily will likely be required. Keep the soil generally moist, but do not keep the roots soaked.
  • Plants can be planted in the ground after 2-3 weeks in a larger pot, or can be kept potted for a fall planting. 
  • Light fertilizer will help once the plants are 12-18” tall.
  • Pruning back a portion of the shoots above ground will encourage stronger root development both in pots or in the ground.