Citra® Rhizomes

Why we cannot sell Citra® rhizomes:

Citra® is a proprietary hop variety that unlicensed growers are not currently able to obtain. We include it in our listings because of the number of questions we get asking if it is available. Citra® is owned by the Hop Breeding Company, which was formed in 2003 as a joint venture between John I Haas and Select Botanicals Group. They aim to create new hop varieties that will be strong commercial producers.

Due to the cost of a breeding program, new hops are often proprietary for a number of years and the owners only license to select commercial farms while maintaining control of the hops.

Other popular proprietary hops such as Mosaic™ (also Hop Breeders Group) and Simcoe® (owned by Yakima Chief) are in the same class.