The IPA Grower Kit


Everything you need for a great IPA hop growing backyard kit!

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Want to make it simple? Our IPA grower kit includes everything you need to grow some of the most common IPA hops (and some grain) in your back yard. We include 4 different varieties of IPA hop rhizomes (4 Cascade, 2 Chinook, 2 Centennial, and 2 Comet, 2 packs of twine to grow them on, 2 packs of our hop clips to attach the twine to the ground, 2 packs of fertilizer, and a pack of 2-row barley seed so you can grow some malting barley along with them! In addition we toss in some plant markers so you can identify your different hop varieties after planting (we learned the need for these the hard way many years ago) and an advanced grower tip paper.

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Weight 2 lbs