• 2019 pre-orders are expected to ship in early April
  • We do not ship rhizomes to HI, AK, WA, or ID

Discount Structure

When buying several of the same variety, additional discounts available: 15% off 11+, 25% off 26+, 100+ email for quote.

Easiest To Grow

These hops have been selected as ideal for new growers. They are the most resilient, and have the best resistance to common pests and diseases. They are also some of the most versatile for brewers!


Aroma Hops

These rhizomes will grow to be the hops that brewers tend to use for the aroma of their beers. When hops are added late in the brewing process they contribute less bitterness and more aroma.


Bittering Hops

Bittering hops represent the backbone of the brewing process. These rhizomes will create hop plants that tend to be a bit more vigorous than aroma plants and have higher yields as well.


Dual Use Hops

Dual use hops represent a selection of plants that brewers have adopted for both bittering and aroma additions in their brewing process.


Trellis Materials

Twine and Clips are useful tools when trying to properly grow hops. When backyard growers purchase a twine and a clip for every rhizome they you will have most of the tools needed to grow the best hops they can.